Duty Free at Livigno – What you need to know

Livigno has long been known for its duty free prices, a privilege gained circa 1840 because of its isolation and poverty. Until the late 1950’s there was no road through to Livigno during the winter months, and as a result, it was completely cut off from the outside world for five months every year.

Unlike many other tax or duty free ‘bargains’ elsewhere, duty free in Livigno can mean some superb deals. Here are some sample prices from the Co-op in the centre of Livigno. There are more than 250 shops in the resort, and it isn’t just alcohol and tobacco that is duty free. There are an abundance of shops selling clothing, electronics, footwear, cosmetics etc., including famous brands such as Max Mara, Benetton, Timberland and much, much more.


One of the many duty free shops in Livigno with duty free prices

For visitors planning to drive to Livigno, fuel is also extremely cheap with diesel costing about €1.05 per litre and petrol €1.10 per litre.  

Here are some sample prices:

Non-Alcoholic Items

Item Name Price in Livigno
Illy coffee 250g €5.55
Milka chocolate 400g  €2.30

Alcoholic Items

Spirits and licquers – 1 litre bottle. Price Spirits and licquers – 1 litre bottle. Price
Bells Whisky €7.80 Glen Grant Single Malt Whisky €16.30
Jack Daniels €14.70 Glenross Whisky €4.10
Courvoisier €22.55 Saronno (formelly Amaretto di Saronno) €8.60
Bailey’s €11.80 Southern Comfort €10.80
Campari €7.95 Pims €10.65
Gordon’s Gin €6.70 Bombay Sapphire €11.85
Tanqueray €10.45 Bacardi €8.60
Stolichnaya €5.70 Smirnoff €5.40
Absolute €8.60 Sandemans Port €8.60
Offley Port €5.80 Harvey’s Bristol Cream €8.85
Captain Morgans Spiced Rum €6.40

These prices were correct in early June 2014 from the Co-op in central Livigno.