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Livigno early season update

By tradition, Livigno’s first day of the ski season is on the last Saturday of November. For the past two years, the natural snow wasn’t much in evidence and last year, while skiers could still get from top to bottom on the first day, it was on a strip of machine made snow. For those of use who were there, it wasn’t a pleasant experience at all, but this year normal winter service has been resumed.

Thanks to Mother Nature, there were abundant snow falls during November and temperatures were consistently cold enough to make snow. So, on the first day of this season there was much more than just a strip of snow for skiers to enjoy!

Currently, about 60% of the trails are open and although it hasn’t snowed for a little while, thanks to a period of high barometric pressure, the temperatures are very cold and so snow-making goes on around the clock. Moreover, high pressure means clear skies so skiers get to enjoy the snow and the sun – a perfect combination. By the time the busy Christmas and New Year period arrives, Livigno will be operating at, or near to, 100% of the ski runs.

One of the big early-season events in Livigno is the annual cross country race ‘La Sgambeda’ which takes place on the first Saturday of December.Last year the track was reduced to a short loop with machine-made snow, whereas this year thousands of brightly dressed cross country skiers flocked to Livigno to make the most of the full circuit of 40 km.

After last year’s early season blip – Livigno is definitely back in business!



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